Granule packing machine – premade bag type

Granule packing machine - premade bag

Customer Cases

For beef jerky packing

– South Africa

granule packing machine


It is suitable for all kinds of stuffs packing, such as:

1 – Food item: chips, fries, candies, sugar, salt, rice, legume, peanut, dried fruit, frozen food, pet food and so on.

2 – Commodity: detergent powder, ice cube.

3 – Hardware: screws, bolts, plastic particle.

Bag Samples

Pillow pouch / Flat pouch / Oval bottom pouch / Zip pouch


  1. Bag given packaging machine replaces of manual packing type, which helps large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises reach to packaging automation, equipment mechanical grip will automatically take bag, print date, open the bag, to the metering device signal measurement and blanking, sealing, output. Main optional configuration for measuring material filling machine working platform, weight, scale, material hoist, vibrating feeder, finished goods transport hoisting machine, metal detection machine, etc.
  2. It adopts Japan’s latest technology, under the total control system of PLC + POD, adopt mechanical structure, operation gradually replaced the operation of the pneumatic structure, to form a greater demands of the processing technology, easy operation, stable operation, maintenance, easy to clean, beautiful appearance
  3. Rapid change of the specifications of the bag, bag width can be automatically adjusted by one button.
  4. Single shaft and the CAM design: packing speed faster; more stable operation ; maintenance easier and reduce defective rate.
  5. Modular heating, temperature control more accurate, heating fault have alarm prompt.
  6. Advanced design idea, reduce the material loss, ensure the stability of equipment operation, extend the operating life of the equipment.
  7. Simple and convenient operation, adopts the advanced PLC + POD (touch screen) electric control system and man-machine interface.
  8. Machine have wide packaging range , it can packaging : liquid, paste, granule, powder, solid various bagging materials only. According to the different material with different metering device.
  9. Machine use preformed bags & packaging design is perfect & good sealing quality to improve the quality and grade of the product.


ModelTT – 8200TT – 8250
Working positionEight – working positionEight – working position
Pouch materialLaminated film, PE, PP etcLaminated film, PE, PP etc
Pouch patternStand-up, flatStand-up, flat
Pouch sizeW:100-200mm;L:100-380mmW:100-250mm, L:100-380mm
Speed<=60 bags / min<=60 bags / min
Voltage380v 3phase 50Hz/60Hz380v 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Power4 KW4 KW
Air consumption0.6m3/min0.6m3/min

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